After fight over music, sheriff's son claims 'Stand Your Ground'

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The son of Hillsborough Sheriff Chad Chronister says he was standing his ground the night he got into a fight over music. 

The February 2017 fight ended with another man slashed in the face and stabbed in the back. George Chronister was arrested.

During a Stand Your Ground hearing Thursday, cell phone video of the incident was played for the judge. In the video, two people are on the ground and George Chronister is standing nearby with a knife. 

About 20 seconds into the video, Chronister appears to lunge at the victim, who is holding a cell phone and recording the incident.

Chronister says he was standing his ground when he slashed the victim, Phil Manzi, in the face. Chronister and Manzi both say they are rappers; Chronister says the fight started over a music collaboration. 

Chronister and his friends decided to meet Manzi and his friends outside Oakley's Grille Restaurant in Tampa to settle the score. It was during the scuffle that investigators say Chronister pulled out a knife and slashed Manzi.

"When he stabbed my face, I immediately dropped my phone. I grabbed my face. My hand was full of blood at that point. I couldn't believe I had been stabbed in the face," Manzi said Thursday during the hearing.

The hearing will continue next week. The defense will have its turn to call witnesses to the stand.

If Chronister wins immunity, he walks away a free man. If not, he goes to trial on the charges.