After losing a loved one, Tampa teen finds strength in music

A teen is fighting through tough times to follow her dream of becoming a professional singer, but others are stepping up to help her achieve her goals.

Janecia Jordan sing's with an angelic voice. The 18-year-old Middleton High School senior started singing in church at the age of five. 

"Singing is everything to me. It's joy, happiness. It brings love into everybody and it just makes me feel free," she said.

Janecia says music helps her to cope with stressful situations.

"Like if I turn on a certain song. Once I get into the groove of that song... I like it. I just start feeling better. Music brings happiness to my ears so if I am feeling down, music brings me up," she explained.

Her path to stardom hasn't been easy. She lost her grandmother two years ago.

"I didn't really want to sing anymore, but I knew she would want me to since because she loved to hear me sing," she said.

Cordes Owen, who owns Bake More Pies Studio, produced a free video for Janecia.

"I've asked some people in the industry that we work with. Is this young lady, is she good? Or is she special?. They all said that she has a special voice," he said.

A voice that she hopes to turn into a career one day.

"Just try and have a good mindset. I don't need to give up. I need to keep going because everything is going to be allergist in the end," she said.

Janecia hopes to go to college and study music to pursue her singing career.