After losing his friend, teen helps pediatric patients, families find relief through fishing

It's said that a bad day fishing is better than a great day working.

"No matter what, fishing is so calming," said 13-year-old Jake Klopfenstein. "It's hard to get frustrated when you're fishing."

Jake loves to fish, and has ever since he can remember. Even though he's 13 years old, he's aspiring to be a marine biologist. His goal is to show others the solace, serenity and satisfaction of fishing, especially to those who need an escape from the caring and concern.

This teenager helped to create "Angling for Relief", a non-profit that creates opportunities for children and their families to take a break from life which revolves around critical care units, chemo treatments and cancer.

On one boating trip, the organization took Trinity and her family. Trinity is just a few years old, but is battling neuroblastoma

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"Seeing Trinity and her sisters light up when they were given fishing poles...they all caught fish, and from there it was like 'Game on!'" Skyla D'Autorio, Trinity's mom, told FOX 13. "We are a firm believer in that when a child is diagnosed the whole family is diagnosed. So, when there is an organization that is geared to the entire family. We just get so excited and happy to be a part of it."

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If they can't leave the hospital, Jake and the family brings "dry kits," so child patients can use Styrofoam and magnets that allows them to "cast" indoors.

Jake is doing this in honor of a friend, Ryan, who courageously fought his battle -- and died. He said he wants to help other kids on their journey to ringing the bell and becoming cancer-free.

"It makes me feel amazing," Jake described. "It makes me feel like im helping Ryan out through these kids and showing the kindness he showed me. It's the little things that change people."

LINK: Learn more about       "Angling for Relief" by visiting their website