Ahead of execution, Bolin insists: 'I did not murder these women'

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Over and over, Oscar Ray Bolin asserted his innocence the day before his execution in Florida's death chamber for the murders of three women in the late 1980's. 

In an exclusive interview with FOX 13's Gloria Gomez, he said the evidence used to convict him was both tampered with and planted.  And given the chance to confess to the murders of Terri Lynn Matthews, Natalie Holley, and Stephanie Collins, he insisted, "I did not murder these women."

Bolin, who was sentenced to death for each of the three murders, has been fighting his convictions for more than 20 years.   At the state prison in Starke, where he will be executed tomorrow, he told FOX 13 the corruption that led to his convictions all started with disgraced FBI analyst Michael Malone. 

In 2014, the inspector general for the U.S. Department of Justice determined that Malone -- a hair and fiber analyst -- tampered with evidence and provided false testimony in several cases. The inspector general did not single out the Bolin investigations, but said all of the cases Malone investigated should be reviewed.

In the Bolin cases, Malone was able to link a wool fiber to all three murders.

With fewer than 24 hours before his execution, Bolin told FOX 13, "My conscience is clear."  He says the victims' families are not getting any justice with his execution. 

"Florida's just killing me," he said as he proclaimed his innocence again.  "[The families] are not getting any peace by executing me tomorrow."

Bolin says he plans to look at the family members -- and every other witness to his execution -- as he is put to death tomorrow.  He says mentally, he has already put himself in the death chamber, where he will die by lethal injection. 

He says it will be like going to sleep in a hospital bed, but "just never waking up again."

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