Amazon reveals Cyber Monday deals

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The Amazon Fulfillment Center in South Hillsborough County is hopping twice as fast as usual because it is Cyber Monday.

On Cyber Monday online sales go through the roof.

"One of the trends that we're seeing is toys that incorporate technology," said Stephanie Rochon, an Amazon spokesperson.

Last year on Cyber Monday, Amazon sold 54 million items worldwide. That's 629 items per second. They expect even higher sales this year.

No one knows what the hot items will be this holiday season, but Amazon is putting its bets on the following:

Echo Dot, Amazon Echo and Amazon Tap:
They are all voice controlled. The system is called "Alexa." You can use the gadgets to order a pizza, hear news headlines, check the weather and a lot more. The least expensive one is the Dot, and costs about $40.

Love to Learn Elmo:
You can program him to say more than 300 responses, based on your child's age and interests. About  $33.

Star Wars Vice Changing Helmet:
An Amazon exclusive. It's a replica of a storm trooper helmet that incorporates voice changing technology so you sound like you're right out of the new movie, "Rogue One : A star Wars Story," which is going to be released in a few weeks. The cost? About $57.

There are a lot more hot items out there. Amazon has a new deal every 5 minutes. If you go on and click on an item in the upcoming deals section, you'll be notified on your mobile app when the product goes on sale with a push notification.