Amazon store lets you shop, walk out without lines

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Imagine walking into a grocery store, walking through the aisles to gather what you need, and then leave without stopping to pay - but you're not stealing.

It's the question being asked by an advertisement for Amazon's newest concept, Amazon Go Walk Out Technology.

The online retail giant is, in a way, going old school, and taking shoppers back into stores, but not just any store. Amazon had developed it's own special store with no checkout lines, waiting for bagging or paying.

Instead, customers tap their phones on a turnstile, which logs into the store’s network and connects to their Amazon Prime Account through their app.

It then uses sensors and artificial intelligence to determine what customers pick up. When the customer leaves, the app adds up their cart and charges their account.

Right now, only Amazon employees are trying out the first store, which is on the ground floor of one the company’s new office towers in downtown Seattle. It’s set to open to the public in early 2017. Amazon is also going to try out this concept as a drive-thru.