Anonymous person picks up tab for St. Pete police officers

A St. Pete police squad would like to give a shout out to an anonymous person who recently paid for their dinner at a local Italian restaurant.

The St. Petersburg Police Department says the kind gesture happened last month at Paisano’s Pizza and Pasta on 4th Street North, where eight of their evening shift officers were having dinner.

They had already finished their meal and were waiting to pay, when their server, Bonnie, delivered the nice news that they wouldn’t have to.

Instead of handing them the bill -- which totaled $113.80 -- she handed them their receipt with a note that read:

"To the officers - Thank you for putting your lives on the line to make this town a safe + happy place to live and raise my kids. You are appreciated!"

They shared the news with the media Friday in hopes of letting that person know just how grateful they were of the gesture.