Another monkey sighting in Clearwater caught on video

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Florida Fish and Wildlife believe a monkey spotted last week in northern Pasco County has made its way into Pinellas after several people saw it in Clearwater Friday.

Jennifer Howell was sitting in her car at Cares Home Healthcare on State Road 590, when she saw the animal.

"He swung from this branch right here," she said pointing to a branch above her, "and he came down and when he landed there, that's when he was finally still for a moment so I could take a picture of him."

Howell snapped a few photos before the monkey took off.

"He's really fast," she told FOX 13. "How quick he moved was crazy and by the time you even looked over there between the apartments [next door], he was gone."

Video and pictures of this same monkey have been coming into FWC since the animal was first spotted Oct. 24 in Aripeka. Since then, there have been about a dozen reported sightings.

Two men recording a video podcast in Hudson last week were stunned when the monkey ran through the background.

On Friday, several people in Clearwater saw the animal, including Keith Stober's roommate.

"This lady who is staying with us, she was sitting back by the porch and she said, 'did you see the monkey?'" Stober said.

This is the latest "Mystery Monkey" to make its way through Tampa Bay. The original one, named Cornelius, was on the loose for about three years before it was captured in 2012.

Just like the first Mystery Monkey, this one is also a Rhesus Macaque. But no one knows how long it'll be on the loose.

"I guess everyone out there needs to keep an eye out for a monkey because I guess he could be anywhere," Howell said. "I didn't think he'd be here in Clearwater."

If you spot the new mystery monkey, contact Florida Fish and Wildlife at(888) 404-3922. And, of course be sure to send any photos or videos to FOX 13 via our Facebook page.