App hopes to be the Uber of lawn care

These days, you can order almost anything on your phone -- even lawn care. We checked out an app designed to help you find the right landscaper for your budget.

‘Plowz and Mowz’ calls itself the Uber of landscaping with services ranging from mowing to mulch, driveway sealing to gutter cleaning to haul-away services, and even custom projects.

David Bowen with Green Up landscaping used the app to build his customer base in Tampa after moving from out of state. He says he never expected to generate businesses like this when he first got started in the landscaping business. 

"I started my business years ago and the first two was hitting the pavement, knocking on doors, drumming up business. And then a friend of mine told me about this app and ever since then it's just taken off," Bowen said.

You can schedule in advance, but providers can also offer themselves up during some dead time to take last-minute requests.

“They call me, send a text, I will jump on it right away," said Bowen.

Homeowner Tabitha Waters is a fan. She says it's not just the lawn care she orders. They do other things like pressure wash, clean the flower beds, and mulch for her, too.

For a lawn a quarter-acre or less, the average cost to simply mow via Plowz and Mowz is $33.30.  I checked around with several landscapers and got quotes for a lawn that size to between $25 and $30.  But for the convenience Waters is willing to pay a little more.

"When you're calling around, you're getting people who make appointments and they always don't come out," she complained. "So I like the app because you go on, book your date, tell them what you need they come out, and you don't have to be home."

It's all about what you value most -- saving a couple bucks or saving time and hassle.  

But remember: If you're shopping for lawn service traditionally, always check with at least three professions to find the best quote.

LINK: How to download Plowz and Mowz