Are these the luckiest workers in the world?

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If you've ever sat in a meeting and gazed out the window, this one's for you.

A photo taken by a Sarasota County sheriff's deputy Wednesday is getting a lot of attention.  According to the sheriff's office, the marine patrol spotted a group of smiling office workers set up on a sandbar in Big Pass.  Given the Christmas tree that was set up, they assumed it was a Christmas party and posted the photo to social media.

"We don't know who they work for but you've gotta love their creative thinking," the post said.  "Share this with your friends and family whose white Christmas is cold and snow, not sunshine and soft sand!"

While plenty of people weighed in -- mostly to express appreciation or jealousy -- the mystery workers were eventually unmasked in the comments.

"Happy Holidays from the IT Department at Direct Energy Services," a web developer posted in response.  "This is some of our team working on a special project and enjoying the wonderful Sarasota weather."

The team had taken a boat out to Big Pass to film their holiday greeting. "Many of them are boaters and enjoy the outdoors, so that's where they got the idea," said Monica Yadav.