Arizona man bitten by shark at Florida beach talks about the ordeal

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- An Arizona man had a frightening experience while on vacation in Florida.

Bill Angell has been boogie boarding in the waters for years and has seen sharks swimming there before. This confrontation, however, took him a minute to realize what it was.

"I never felt anything beyond the initial collision," said Angell, via a phone interview. He didn't know hit him as he recounts his Saturday on the Atlantic coast of Florida, at New Smyrna Beach.

"Started walking out to the beach, got a little overcast rainy, which is probably a bad time to go in there," said Angell.

Murky waters is a big help to ocean predators, and Angell was boogie boarding with his father when the waves split the pair up.

"So, instead of taking it all the way into the beach, mine kinda died out into a foamy area and I hit something hard," said Angell. 

The water was shallow, but not shallow enough.

"I was standing in 3, 3.5 feet of water, and I noticed it wasn't him," said Angell. "I started thinking about what did I hit, and I realized it must have been a shark."

Angell was right, and there were maybe 12 to 16 bite marks from the photos taken. Angell got out of the water, but his sense of urgency wasn't what you'd expect it to be.

"I went back to the condo, got out of the swimsuit, put on some gym shorts and a shirt and went to the emergency room," said Angell, who went on to say he wasn't worried for good reason.

"You could tell from the injury that it was superficial," said Angell. "Fortunately it wasn't into the tissue or the meniscus or anything like that."

Angell says that he isn't afraid to go back in the water. In fact, he was ready to go back in that day, but the risk of infection had him worried, and there was that cross-country trip waiting for him, as he heads back to Arizona.