Armature Works developers announce similar concept at St. Pete's Sundial

Changes are coming to Sundial in downtown St. Petersburg. Much of the first floor of the development will be turned into a food hall -- a trend in dining and entertainment venues across the country. 

The people behind Armature Works in Tampa Heights struck a deal with Sundial developer Bill Edwards to bring the idea to St. Pete.

"While we know there is a distinct connection between both Armature Works and this new project, it's going to be very unique for that community," said Eric Blankenship, chief marketing officer for BE-1 concepts, the developers of Armature Works.

Armature Works opened in 2018 in what used to be the TECO trolley barn.

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The Sundial development in downtown St. Petersburg does not have that same 'old-made-new' feeling and has seen mixed success.

The new food hall will replace what's currently a market and farm-to-table restaurant. BE-1 has not announced what the new project will be named or what food will be offered.

"We are looking at what we can give the St. Petersburg community to feel an instant connection with that location," said Blankenship "We are going to be very thoughtful about what the name is going to be, as we are about what goes inside."

He said work will begin early next year.