Artist with disability sells jewelry to help others

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For Artist Romona Johnson, making and designing jewelry has special meaning in her life.

"It helps me. It's therapeutic," said Romona. "It puts me at peace."

Romona suffers from reflex sympathetic dystrophy, a chronic neurological condition that causes severe pain in her arms and legs.

"There are times when I can't walk," she explained. "I have to lay in bed and I'll lay in bed and paint."

She now spends her time making earrings to sell and uses the proceeds to help others with disabilities.

"There are people in need and people are not helping. So any little bit that I can give will help them," she said.

Romona has sold more than 140 pieces for her cause.

"I always give. Give, give, give. I give 'till there is no more to be given," she said.

Her message to others: "Love each other, be helpful, be kind, be kind. Bless other people. Because there are some people who don't have much."