Athletes take notice as Tampa 7-year-old takes Instagram by storm

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A seven-year-old in Tampa has become a viral star, but his star was rising long before celebrities and sports channels took notice. 

Rudolph "Blaze" Ingram, Jr. has more Instagram followers than some of the Buccaneers players. When you see his moves, you'll understand why.

Blaze is a boy of few words. His feet do most of the talking.

“I realized blaze had a gift... three years ago,” his dad, Rudolph Ingram said.  

That gift is being downright untouchable on the football field.

Videos on his Instagram page have turned a quiet kid into a sensation. He has well over 100,000 followers. 

He was once even recognized by LeBron James.

”When I see LeBron James comment on it, it was like a stamp," Ingram, Sr. said. "Once LeBron likes it, everyone likes it... For me to see him go viral, I love it. I feel like with that viral platform you can do so much with it, from positive notes, inspirational notes.”

Blaze recently took his talents to the Buccaneers training camp.

Thanks to his social media stardom, many of the players appeared as excited to meet him as he was them.

“It was a very unreal feeling. It was an overwhelming and joyful feeling,” Blaze's dad said. “I hope for him to be the best at whatever he does. If he wants it, I would love to see him in the NFL."