Attempted murder trial for former Sarasota deputy nears end

As the jury gets ready to decide the case against a former Sarasota County sheriff's deputy, there has been powerful testimony that may stick with them.

Last week, the alleged victim, 80-year-old Marcia Sohl said Frank Bybee, "put his hands on [her] face... and I kept trying to get away and  kept waiting to see the white light you're supposed to see before you die." 

Bybee, Sohl said, was a man she considered a friend, but he tried to kill her.

Bybee is accused of attempted murder. Prosecutors say Bybee befriended Sohl and then tried to kill her.

They say he shoved pills down her throat and tried to smother her to death.

They say he also attempted to poison her with carbon monoxide by leaving her car running in the garage with kitchen door open

But the defense tried to show Sohl was delusional and made the whole thing up. Sarasota sheriff's deputies who responded to the alleged attack also said they didn't believe her.

Later, the defense had their own spitfire witness.

Sohl's neighbor, Mary Anne Dombro said she had a love-hate relationship with the victim.

"I probably said she is nasty and she's a piece of work," said Dombro.

She said Sohl was suicidal and wanted attention. She also remembers Sohl often spoke highly of Bybee.

"She thought Frank Bybee was the best thing since ice cream, were her exact words," said Dombro.

Closing arguments begin Friday morning. The jury should get the case by lunchtime.