Audio: Boy describes dad killing mom with ax

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In a hospital bed, suffering from a collapsed lung, serious burns, and stab wounds that exposed his intestines, little Ronnie O’Neal told a detective about the terror he barely survived.

"He had a knife," said Ronnie.

He was 8 years old when detectives say his father, also named Ronnie, tried to kill him.

He survived, but his mother and sister did not.

Detectives say little Ronnie witnessed all of it.

He says his mother, Kenyatta Barron was attacked first, and then his sister.

"He kept just hitting her with an ax," said Ronnie 

Ronnie says, his dad went after him too.

"He stabbed me two times," said Ronnie.

Detectives say he then set the house on fire. Cell phone video from a neighbor shows O’Neal being arrested after allegedly killing two members of his family.

During one of his early court appearances, O’Neal complained the media was making him look bad.

"Making me out to be a menace to society, making false allegations and accusations before there is a thorough investigation. This is an attack on my good name and known character," said Ronnie.

Now the lone survivor will someday tell a jury about that horrific day.