Aviation enthusiasts unite through plane spotting

Dalton Hoch and Steven Larson have become a sort of plane paparazzi. 

Oftentimes you will find them on top of the short term parking garage at Tampa International Airport with their cameras scouting for the best shots of arrivals and departures. 

They are part of a global community of aviation enthusiasts called plane spotters. 

"Taking photos of aircraft, aircraft movements, various types of aircraft, different airlines. It's a great hobby. My parents encouraged me from a young age to get into it by taking photos," said Hoch. "I love the passion of aviation," said Larson.

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They share their favorite aircraft pictures and stories with their thousands of followers on their individual Instagram accounts. Tampa International Airport has created a Facebook page for enthusiasts like them called The Plane Spot.

"More than 20,000 people are on The Plane Spot group on Facebook. People from all around the world take cool pictures of planes and special liveries and aircraft whether they're here at TPA or airports beyond. We also do some cool airfield tours we take them out pretty much on the runways so they can get up close with planes that are taking off and landing," said C.J. Johnson, who manages content for the airport's social media.

Plane spotting has given them an opportunity to connect through a shared love of flight.

"Unique way to make new friends, all around the country and all around the world," said Larson.

You can check out Dalton Hoch's photos on Instagram by clicking here.

You can check out Steven Larson's photos on Instagram by clicking here.