Bay area business puts healthy spin on cotton candy

A Bay Area business has been putting a healthy twist on a sweet treat for nearly four years.

Ananda Fcachenco and Gaby Primo, the owners of Cotton Candy Palace, pride themselves on making kids smile. 

"Some kids have never had cotton candy, and most of them haven't seen it be made at all," Fcachenco said. 

Flavors of cotton candy range from staples like blue raspberry and strawberry, to wacky ones like bacon, pickles and whiskey. It's all organic, without any dyes or preservatives. 

"Those names that you see on the label that you can't really pronounce, we don't have that,"  Fcachenco said. "It's all-natural cane looking sugar."

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Both Fcachenco and Primo have ties to kids that suffer from allergies. In addition to being a healthier candy, their products must be eaten quickly, because they're organic and don't have any preservatives. 

"Because they're organic, and they have no preservatives, they don't get hard like normal cotton candy," Primo explained. "They literally melt and go to its original form. It becomes little melted sugar." 

Cotton Candy Palace has a retail space in Tampa, but 80% of their business comes from events like birthdays, weddings and corporate get-togethers. They find themselves at the Florida Aquarium a lot. 

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"We go there, we spin it live, we make it for them, and everybody has a really good time," Primo said. 

No matter where the spinning is happening, the pair loves to watch kids try cotton candy for the first time. 

"It's so cute. They don't know how to eat it. They don't know what to do. It melts in their mouth," Primo said.