Bay Area man wins North American darts championship

Throwing darts is leading to big money and a possible world championship for a Bay Area man. 

35-year-old Danny Baggish of Lakeland says there's a lot to it. "I was blessed with hand-eye coordination," says Baggish, who throws darts one to two hours a day. 

"When you play so much, it becomes muscle memory," he said.  

Baggish says he started playing darts with his dad at age 13. "When I won my first tournament at 15,  I thought maybe I could do something," he said. He thought right. Baggish won the North American darts championship last Thursday in Las Vegas. It was streamed live around the world by Professional Darts Corporation. 

The trophy came with a $10,000 prize, but later this year the competition becomes much richer. The world championship will be held in December in London with a top prize of $250,000. 

Baggish says he's looking forward to going to London, but he's not worried. "The more you smile and make it fun, the better you play in my opinion," he says. Baggish says if he continues to win, he might consider playing professionally in Great Britain, where darts is more popular than in the U.S.