Bay area volunteers train to help after Harvey

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Bay area volunteers working with the American Red Cross went through a special training session on Saturday - and it couldn't have come at a better time.

They gathered at Burnett Middle School in Seffner for a shelter training exercise. It was used to teach volunteers how to help operate and provide support for storm shelters during disaster relief efforts.  Some of the volunteers who took part will be heading to Louisiana in the coming days so they can be ready to step in as soon as they're called for help.

"They're here basically to learn how to run a shelter, how to provide emotional support and comfort during a very trying time, and how to keep people safe and make the environment safe and stable," said Amanda Cullison, a volunteer specialist with the American Red Cross.

Several of the volunteer trainers teaching the course just returned from supporting Midwest flood relief, and the skills they learned will no doubt come in handy when responding in the aftermath of Harvey.