Be the envy of your feed with these (free) photo-perfect fake-outs

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For anyone who has ever scrolled through their social media feed, wondering how their friends captured those perfect photos, this new online boutique is for you.

It's called the Hate-Like Boutique, referring to the action of liking someone's social media post, even though you secretly harbor jealousy of the content in the post. 

We have never personally experienced this, but we'll take their word for it.

The Hate-Like Boutique sells items that let you create that perfect, share-worthy social media post.

Want people to think you're on a European vacation? The Hate-Like Boutique's Love Lock Fence will have your followers thinking you're at the Pont des Arts in Paris.

Or maybe you envy the mermaid-inspired, sun-soaked wet hair flip picture. Jump in the pool and throw on the boutique's Hair Flip Wig and create your own perfectly-timed photo op.

And if your barista is on a vacation of their own, get that custom-poured latte look with a Latte Screen, which comes in three designs: Classic, heart, and palm tree.

Each of the items costs less than $10, but is paying the bill when you use offer code HATELIKE at checkout (while supplies last).

Visit and use the code HATELIKE at checkout to get the items for free.