Beach pros test sand-removal products so you don't have to

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Most people living in Florida have learned to live with sand -- in the car, in the house, and everywhere in between.

It sticks to your skin and makes a mess, but it's part of living near the beach. However, you may be unnecessarily suffering. We hit the beach to test out sand-removal products and see which ones are hacks and which are just hype.

Some beach volleyball players in Gulfport helped us test products that claim to keep sand at bay. We had them follow the instructions for each and then report back on their effectiveness.

Garret Romo plays beach volleyball at least every other day, so sand is a part of his life.

"It always sticks to me," he told FOX 13.

Volleyball player Margaret Griffin said she doesn't get a little sandy. She gets "a lot sandy."

League teammates Prem Pressud and Jodi McLean also volunteered to try the products, many of which use powder to help remove sand.

First up, the Powder Pouch for $10. It's a refillable and washable fabric pouch with powder inside. It's rubbed on the sandy skin and the sand is supposed to come right off. 

Testers Margaret and Prem preferred the pouch over the Sand Off mitt, $11.99 for about 40 uses, which is as self-explanatory as the pouch. Garrett said he prefers the fabric Sand Off mitt, which seemed to work whether his skin was wet or dry.

Garrett also said Beach Behind powder, $8.99, worked better at removing sand than regular baby powder, a common sand-removal "hack." 

We also asked our volunteers to try out a beach blanket that aims to sift out sand. The Sandlite Mat is made with a patented fabric, staggered layers of polyester, to allow particles of sand to a one-way pass back to the beach, instead of sitting on the surface.

The drawback was the size of the particles. Shells and larger lumps were left behind.

"It could sift the sand through; the majority is gonna be shells and bigger stuff," Prem said.

At a price point of $50 to $170, the mat got a "no" from our reviewers.

In fact, only Garrett liked any of the products enough to consider buying them.

"The mitt one I would probably buy," he told us.

The rest said sand is just part of the package.

"I'm used to sand. It's a way of life for me," Jodi added.