Beachgoers get free head-to-toe skin cancer screenings in Clearwater

Dozens of beachgoers received a free cancer screening at Clearwater Beach.

On Saturday, Moffitt Cancer Center hosted its 25th Mole Patrol in the pavilion next to Pier 60. Doctors from the cancer center checked attendees from head to toe.

"You just come down, we do a full body skin check, or we just check a couple of spots, whatever you would like and then we can tell you if it’s suspicious or not, a lot of the times you can get a pretty clear diagnosis, but if it’s something that needs a biopsy, we will refer you to a dermatologist," said Ashley Culbreth, a physician’s assistant at the Moffitt Cancer Center.

Medical experts say early detection is crucial.

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"Skin cancer is the number one cancer that affects Americans and the world, and it’s the easiest to detect, it’s the easiest to prevent, and it’s the easiest to cure when it’s caught early," said Dr. Jane Messina, the medical director for Moffitt’s Mole Patrol.

Woman getting skin cancer screening

The Mole Patrol isn’t just looking for skin cancer. They checked attendee’s throats and mouths for early warning signs.

"Oral cancer and throat cancers can be quite serious especially if they’re not caught early but here at Moffitt, we have a lot of experienced and skilled treating providers like surgeons and radiation oncologists and dermatologists as well for skin cancers to help improve outcomes for those," said Dr. Caitlin McMullen.

The Mole Patrol hosts 15 events a year.  Click here for more information.