‘Best day of my life’: After long lockdown, residents in assisted living celebrate Mother’s Day in person

It’s been a hard year as many have been separated from those they love. However, for residents at Emerald Garden Assisted Living, this Mother’s Day was extra special.

This year, the sweet tokens of love and appreciation were hand-delivered in person, and Mother’s Day wishes were said face to face.

"The best day of my life with my son and daughter-in-law here. It's my best day," said resident Laura Farrar.

After a long 15 months of visits with families were separated from their loved ones by windows, families were reunited to celebrate the moms in their lives in person.

"This year is much better than last year. Last year we couldn't do anything for the residents, we were on lockdown," said Kamran Rouhani, the owner of Emerald Garden.

However, as Florida begins to reopen, some restrictions are being lifted. So with families finally back together, there was plenty of reason to celebrate.

"We're going to have a special lunch. We'll also have some music and continue with the celebration for Mother's Day and just make it very special today after a whole year of lockdown," said Patricia Rouhani, one of the owners of Emerald Garden.

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Last year was tough for both residents and their loved ones.

"It was difficult. I would come to see her at the window, and the staff was great in making sure she was there so she would see me," said James Bryant, a family member of one of the residents.

But this Mother’s Day, things are looking up.

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"I brought her a mixed bouquet of flowers that she likes," said Bryant. "[I also brought] other things she likes, like truffles, so I bring her truffles."

While chocolate is a resident favorite at Emerald Garden, the in-person family visits are truly just as sweet.

"They made my day, they really have," said Farrar. "It made me happy again, alive again!"


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