Blazing a trail: Father, 7-year-old son duo reach goals on (and off) football field

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There is a phenomenal athlete that lives in the Bay Area, and is he is just 7 years old. But small things can come in big packages.

Blaze is his nickname and for good reason. Rudolph Ingram Jr. has been turning heads for the past three years or so on the football field. What is it about football that he loves so much?

"Shaking and breaking peoples ankles" Ingram Jr. told Fox 13 News.

His father, Rudolph Ingram Sr., has been with him every step of the way.

"I have never missed a practice, never missed a game, and I do all his training sessions," Ingram Sr. said. "He's a super star to everyone else. He's my baby. I'm the manager, videographer, trainer, Uber driver...without the tip. The tip is just seeing him happy and loving what he does." 

Ingram Sr. helps to mentor and raise Blaze which is something he didn't have when he was a kid.

"I didn't have my father growing up," he explained, "I didn't know what it was like to have a real support system. If I can give him all of that it'll make me feel awesome and he'll blossom."

Blaze got his talent from dad who played college football. His father said if his son chooses football as his career, that's great. If it's something else, he would support him. 

"What's next? Rocket scientist? Let's go. It doesn't matter what it is. I'm behind him," Ingram Sr. said. "Nobody sees the tree grow. All they see is when it's big and beautiful. They don't see it when it's just a seed -- when you're watering it. You got to stay behind your child and constantly support them and water them. They'll eventually grow to be something."

You can follow all of Blaze's games and videos on the Instagram profile, Blaze_813.