Bolin, citing new evidence, wants new trial

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January 7, 2016, is the day convicted killer Oscar Ray Bolin is scheduled to be executed, but Bolin isn't going down with a fight.

Bolin is being put to death for the murder of Teri Lynn Matthews, whom he abducted from a Land O' Lakes post office, beat, and stabbed to death.

In his last motion to the Florida Supreme Court, he is asking for his death warrant, signed by the governor earlier this month, to be put on hold while his attorneys present newly discovered evidence in the case -- evidence Bolin's legal team says cannot be ignored.

It has to do with an unexpected confession by an Ohio inmate named Steven Kasler.  Documents show shortly after Kasler admitted to Matthews' murder, the court granted a hearing but Kasler suddenly committed suicide.

The scheduled hearing never happened.

And what about the disgraced FBI crime analyst, Michael Malone?

For the last 20 years, retired FBI special agent Fred Whitehurst has been blowing the whistle on Malone and the alleged culture of corruption at the FBI crime lab.   And later, the U.S. inspector general determined Malone tampered with evidence in hundreds of cases.

"Malone's findings are not reliable, it has no credibility," said Whitehurst.

Malone was the agent in charge in the lab during the Stephanie Collins case.  He found a very dark wool fiber had showed up in all three cases.  He linked it to Bolin but Whitehurst says Malone's results cannot be trusted.

Bolin's attorney are urging the high court not to turn a blind eye to this new evidence and instead put his execution on hold until all the facts are heard.

Throughout the years, Bolin won new trials, but each time we was convicted after being re-tried.

The Supreme Court has yet to rule on this latest motion.