Boston Terrier pup winning hearts with hilarious photos of food coloring debacle

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This is what can happen when you leave a 4-month-old sweet Boston Terrier pup home alone for only an hour.

'Kitty Smalls' is the cutest and sweetest puppy who never does anything wrong until now.

Her mom, Liesel Bean posted to Instagram the hilarious photos of what can happen when you leave home for an hour and return home to your brand new white couch now turned blue.

You see 'Kitty Smalls' found some blue food coloring left on the floor after Liesel's kids wanted to make some colored slime.

The puppy thought it would be funny to dye her own paws blue and smear it all over mommy's new couch too.

We are glad to report that 'Kitty Smalls' after a good bath will be just fine and her mom will have to buy a new couch yet again.

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