Detectives detail timeline of 78-year-old Orlando man's murder

Early Thursday morning Orange County sheriff's deputies escorted 25-year-old Jasmine Munro and her boyfriend, 19-year-old Javonne White, out of their headquarters and off to jail.  

Investigators said White fired five shots killing 78-year-old Uken Cummings in a carjacking outside a CVS Pharmacy in Pine Hills Sunday afternoon and that Munro jumped in the driver’s seat Cumings Mercedes SUV and ran him over twice.  

"It’s a tragedy," Carl Cummings tells FOX 35 News. 

Cummings and his three siblings mourn the death of their father.  


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"It eases the pressure that we’re feeling. It’s better they’re off the streets and can’t commit an act like this again.  But, it doesn’t bring back my father," Carl Cummings said.

Sunday afternoon, witnesses described a woman in a striped shirt as the getaway driver, police said.  Surveillance video captured a slender young man in a ski mask attacking Cummings in the CVS parking lot.  

That wasn’t a lot for detectives to go on. The lead detective in this case cast a wide net looking for leads.  According to the arrest warrant, that detective noticed their property crimes unit was investigating a series of smash and grab cases where one of the suspects was a woman, Jasmine Munro, who lives within walking distance of that CVS. 

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They said they began to piece together evidence and a timeline of the events on Sunday. 

  • 2:17 p.m.  – Investigators canvassed the area for surveillance video and discovered the video of a woman in a striped shirt, matching the description of the getaway driver walking out of her of the Park at Highgate Apartments with a man matching the other suspect's description.  This was about an hour before the carjacking and murder.  Detectives said the couple was captured on other surveillance cameras near the crime scene too.
  • 2:27-2:40 p.m. –  Video shows a couple is seen Domino’s Pizza (in the same plaza as the CVS) Detectives said the video is crystal clear and show Jasmine Munro and Javonne White.
  • 3:11 p.m. –  Detectives said White is captured on the CVS cameras watching cars in their parking lot.
  • 3:14 p.m. –  Uken Cummings arrives in his Mercedes SUV to pick up a prescription.
  • 3:19 p.m. – Detectives said White is seen following Cummings to his Mercedes.
  • 3:20 p.m. – Cummings’s Mercedes speeds out of the CVS parking lot.

According to the warrant, detectives started doing surveillance on Munro and White Wednesday. When they took the pair into custody, investigators said White had the AR-15 that he used to kill Cummings in his possession. Deputies said the bullets in that weapon match the bullets found at the crime scenes well as bullets the medical examiner found inside Cummings during his autopsy. 

On Thursday afternoon, Munroe and White made their first appearances before a judge. Both are being held without bond at the Orange County Jail.  

Court records show Munro has never been arrested in Orange County before.  The only thing on White’s record is a red light camera ticket. 

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