Bradenton youth group finally returns from Haiti

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A Bradenton youth group that has been stranded in Haiti as the country is shaken by violent protests returned home Monday evening.

Church officials say God was just giving them more time with those that need their help and prayer.

  "A lot of things that are portrayed about Haiti are not necessarily true," said group member Jacob Wesley. "Haiti is actually an awesome and beautiful country, and the people there aer thriving and are super-content with what they have."    

The protestors are angry at the Haitian government for raising the  price of fuel. The government ended a fuel subsidy that caused gas prices to skyrocket by 51 percent, prompting riots that left several people dead. 

The pastor says they generally felt safe, despite encountering several armed protestors.      

"When we were in town, we didn't notice anything," said Pastor Jeff McCauley. "The closest thing we go to was when we tried to get to the airport. We hit a couple roadblock and realized it's probably safer to turn around."

In a fourth day of unrest Monday, protesters set fire to a tax office and set up barricades of flaming tires and debris around Port-au-Prince. Most major airlines had suspended flights in and out of the capital.

The Haitian government has since canceled the fuel price increase because of the violence.  Flights have resumed but roadblocks and protests have made it hard for people to reach the airport.

Information from the Associated Press was used in this report.