Breeder of law enforcement dogs giving pup to military veteran

A local law enforcement dog breeder is giving away one of man's best friend to a military veteran for free. This gift to help a vet find a friend is what's right with Tampa Bay.

Brianna Holzerland is owner of Holzerland Protection Dogs. They have been training dogs for law enforcement and personnel protection for seven years.

 "We focus on breeding Belgian Malinois specifically. We also do rottweilers as well," Holzerland said.

Last year she gave away a free puppy to a front-line worker.

"We did it last year worked out pretty well. We had a lot of positive feedback and we just want to make it an annual or every six-month type deal," she explained.

This year she is giving one away to a military veteran.

"Veterans in this country go into service and they are risking their lives so that we have the freedom that we have now. So if we can give back in any type of way a dog makes a huge difference," she said.

Brianna says Belgian Malinois are not for everyone.

"This is a working line dog so we are asking that the person does have prior experience with the breed. They're not the best with kids unless the person does know what they are doing. So, it's all about finding the right fit," she said.

A fit that she hopes improves the quality of life for a veteran.

"Having a companion, a dog that they can bring everywhere to the dog beach go run a marathon," she said.

Brianna is hoping her gift brings joy and happiness to a veteran in need of a friend. This is the second year for the dog giveaway.

For information, email or visit the Holzerland Protection Dogs Facebook page.