Brentwood teen's hoverboard catches fire, damages home

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A Bay Area teenager says her brand new hoverboard exploded in flames and nearly set her house on fire Monday night.

This comes just days after consumer watchdog groups issued warnings about the safety of certain hoverboards and pulled several boards from it’s website.

The hoverboard was an early Christmas present for 15-year-old Kamilah Denny. The family ordered it from Amazon just a week ago.

After the board finished charging last night, Kamilah got on it but it started making strange noises and sparking.

Shortly after that it caught on fire forcing the teen to pull it off the home’s carpet and onto some nearby tile.

They doused it with water extinguishing the flames, but not before it damaged part of a wall in their home.

This is the 10th reported hoverboard fire in recent weeks in the United States, but the first known blaze in the Bay Area.

On Monday Amazon pulled certain types of the scooters from their website and asked the manufacturers to show them proof of their products meeting safety standards.

Some major airlines have also banned the high tech scooters from flights over concerns about them catching fire.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission is also actively investigating the situation.

Most experts believe the fires are linked to the quality of the Lithium Ion batteries being used.

Because the hoverboards are such a hot holiday product, experts say the market has been flooded with cheaper versions that likely have low cost batteries more prone to problems.

The Denny family says they are going to contact Amazon and try to get their money back.