Brightline to no longer open train station at Disney Springs, company says

Plans for guests to catch a train ride to and from Disney Springs have been canceled as Brightline said it will no longer open a train station there. 

Instead, it intends to open a station near the original Disney Springs site, but not on Disney-owned land, the rail service company said in a statement. 

Additionally, Brightline said it will also open a new train station at the Orange County Convention Center. Both of those proposed stations would connect to the airport station, located in the South Terminal at the OIA.

The change of plans came after Brightline was asked late last year by community leaders to explore alternative alignments for its planned expansion from Orlando International Airport to Tampa.

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The Disney Springs station, which was announced in 2020, would have been a convenient travel option between Walt Disney World Resort, the Orlando International Airport (OIA), and several stops in South Florida.

WOFL Brightline plans for train station at Disney Springs canceled

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"Taken together, the three integrated stations provide access to the largest economic and employment centers in Central Florida and offer the best opportunity for the success of Brightline and SunRail," Brightline said in a statement. 

Brightline added that it recently awarded a federal grant to assist with the advancement of this new proposal.