Bro Bowl lets skaters show off skills in downtown Tampa

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The beautiful weather this week gave people plenty of opportunities to get outdoors; and there is one local place in downtown Tampa that actually encourages shredding. 

The Bro Bowl in Perry Harvey Park allows for skaters of all skill sets to try their hand at the quarter pipe, railslides and the rolling hills similar to the original bowl from the 70s. 

We caught up with several locals taking in the venue.

"Bro Bowl man! This is history. It's been here forever... like since I was a little kid." said one skater who called himself Cash. "You come here early morning, no one is here." 

He and his friends spent the morning carving the paved curbs, benches and handrails in the street skate area of the Bro Bowl.

"It's art, if you look at it, it's your own way of art." said Cash about the visit.

And, in a way, that fits right in at Perry Harvey Park. These Bro Bowl "artists" perform just steps away from the city artwork commemorating Ray Charles, Cab Calloway and Ella Fitzgerald; performing artists of a different generation.