Brooker Elementary teacher publishes first book in "Toddler Tales" series

A Bay Area educator recently added published author to her resume. 

Abigail "Abby" Czaster teaches special education at Brooker Elementary School in Brandon. Her first book, "Toddler Tales: The Search for the Sun," encourages kids to get creative on rainy days.

The book features a kid who wants some entertainment that doesn't include a screen – something every child and parent can relate to. 

Czaster's inspiration for the book was her son Noah playing without toys on rainy day.

"What in the world could he possibly be imagining right now?" she thought.

The concept of a toddler's imagination running wild sparked the idea for her story.

"Imagine a book where you could see the settings that we see and the settings that they're seeing," said Czaster.

Her students also inspired the children's book. She hopes teachers will use it as part of their curriculum. 

"Their imagination is just as wild as Noah's, and they are going to be inspiring future series," Czaster explained. "And I also think of how teachers can use it in a classroom." 

Courtesy Amazon

As a working mom, Czaster says writing a book wasn't the easiest task, but she believes it's possible for anyone.

The author's parents gave her a piece of life advice she never forgot.

"'If you love what you do you won't work a day in your life.' And I love being a teacher, I love being a mom, and now I love being a writer," said Czaster.

She says the actual storytelling process started on her phone.

"It's all really done on my phone. I typed up this story on my notes, I put it on a Word [file], I sent it to the publisher," she recalled.

"Toddler Tales: The Search for the Sun" is the first in what will be a series of books. The messages will apply to almost every family.

"The message is to keep your imagination alive and grow with your imagination. Don't lose it. Because for adults, a house is a house and a couch is a couch," said Czaster. "Kids have an imagination and I hope they hold on to it."

The first of Czaster's "Toddler Tales" series is available on Amazon at other book retailers.