Bubba hit with more ratings-tampering allegations

The ratings tampering scandal that Bubba 'The Love Sponge' Clem admitted to -- and apologized for -- last month appears to be getting worse.

The Nielsen ratings company confirms to FOX 13 they have discovered "more" Nielsen ratings panelists who may have been influenced by Bubba.  They wouldn't say how many, but for the second month in a row, they're throwing out the ratings for his show.

Nielsen measures ratings by giving panelists a portable 'people meter' which tracks their listening habits.  In a lawsuit filed last month, Nielsen accused Bubba of bribing one panelist, and trying to bribe another.

Beasley Radio, which syndicates Bubba's show, suspended him for eight days.  But the new allegations appear to have his career on life support.

Bubba recently tweeted:  "gets old fast...cant wait to walk away forever."

His attorney, Todd Foster, plans to vigorously defend Bubba in court.

"Let's see it.  I'm trained to deal with facts and evidence, I'm not trained to deal with, 'There's more, we think there's more,' innuendo.  Put it on paper put it in front of the court and we'll see what the real facts are," he said.

Beasley also released a statement late Monday saying they were blindsided and disappointed by Nielsen's decision to exclude their radio station WBRN-FM from the October ratings.

De-listing is a big deal since radio stations rely on ratings to get their advertising dollars.