Bubble waffles with secret flavors are on the menu at 'Awful Waffle'

Awful Waffle is a new dessert specialty waffle shop located in the Noho Junction Food Hall on Cass Street in west Tampa. 

Owner Pedro Miranda was overseas last year when he ate his first bubble waffle, which is a freshly baked made-to-order waffle with round bubbly edges.

“I was blown away and I knew I had to bring it to Tampa,” he said. 

Awful Waffle always has chocolate and vanilla waffles on the menu, but sometimes they feature secret flavors like red velvet or birthday cake. They wrap generous portions of ice cream into a waffle and load them up with toppings. 

They also serve freshly baked waffles on a stick called waffle pops. Awful Waffle coats the pops with different flavors and toppings. 

“They’re good for folks who are counting their calories, looking for a smaller portion, or not in the mood for ice cream,” suggested Pedro. 

Awful Waffle has partnered with a number of food delivery services to offer deconstructed waffle desserts that can be assembled by customers at home. 

The shop is open seven days a week. Check their website for hours. 

LINK: https://awfulwaffleus.com/