Bucs' Cameron Brate, other NFL players adjusting off-season training amid COVID-19

Home workouts during the coronavirus pandemic allow people to stay sane and in shape while cooped up in quarantine. But NFL players need to stay in NFL training camp shape, and push-ups in the living room won't cut it.

Buccaneers tight end Cameron Brate has already adjusted to the new quarantine regulations.

"We've had to get more creative," Brate explained. "I kind of gathered up some equipment from various gyms. We've been going to different parks to run. [It's] definitely an adjustment, but we're making it work."

Even with the proper adjustments, Brate still may not achieve his offseason goals.

"That's kind of the biggest thing," Brate said. "Everyone is kind of in the same boat."

There's also a concern that there won't be an NFL season this year, but Brate is hopeful the coronavirus pandemic will be under control and the season will be played.