Build the boat of your dreams at Intrepid Power Boats

If you are looking for the boat of your dreams, Largo’s Intrepid Power Boats is a good place to start. They have been making custom boats in the Bay Area for 30 years. 

“When you’re building a custom boat, that is built to order, per person, a la carte, you need the best craftspeople and that’s what Tampa Bay brings us,” said President Ken Clinton. 

With 380 employees making about 115 boats per year, there’s not much they can’t create. Whether it’s for deep sea fishing, those looking to relax, or anything in between, Intrepid has a model that can fill your needs. 

At Intrepid, they understand boaters are passionate about how they want their boat to function and look.

“Innovation is everything to us. It’s not like going to some dealer lot where you pick the red one or the blue one,” Clinton explained. 

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All of their boats are built by hand and the work is very detailed oriented. 

“If you look at a boat being manufactured, it starts with a barrel of resin and a roll of cloth, and out the other end comes an entire boat,” said Clinton. 

They have built boats for some quite recognizable names like Alex Rodriguez, Jeff Gordon, and the Prince of Bahrain. “They want the best and what’s nice, is when we attract clients like that, they get a chance to see Tampa Bay, to see what we're all about,” Clinton added.