Building a connection -- through clogging

The dancers of Clogging Connection are moving their feet fast while trying to stay in sync.

"Clogging is like Stomp. And very fun. More like hip-hoppy, I guess, in some ways," said 17-year-old Ale Rivera.

Her Plant City troupe brings together dancers of all ages. Scott Robertson is only 5 years old, but he started clogging when he was just 2. 

"My momma started clogging when she was 10 and she thought I would want to do it. So I did it,” he said.

Erin Formanski, 19, has been clogging since before Scott was born.  "Being able to come to a studio and just be with people that are so like-minded and just have fun and exercise and have a good time really makes a difference." 

Clogging is fun but also competitive. The group recently won a championship in Tennessee.

"It was so exciting. We all cheered and we were all like laughing and we had happy tears. It was such a good experience to be with all of them together,” said Rivera.

They've built a connection through clogging. 

"It's the type of bond that we have with each other because even though we all know how to clog, there's a certain personality that everyone has in the clogging community that we all just get along very well," added Formanski.

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