California 2nd grader's dance moves steals the spotlight at school holiday show

One elementary school student in California was really in the holiday spirit — and he made sure his entire school knew it.

Eight-year-old Jaden Williams was singing on stage with his classmates at Beechwood School in Menlo Park on Dec. 14 for his class Christmas concert when he decided to start dancing.

And not just any kind of dancing. Break dancing. Wiggly dancing. Even robot dancing.

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His moves seemed to catch his classmates by surprise as they continued with their performance. The crowd, meanwhile, went wild — and the 2nd-grader loved every minute of it.

"I feel it come into my body and just want to dance and all that stuff," Jaden later told KNTV. "I love dancing. It's in my blood. I just want to make them happy and wonderful." 

Ashley Nichole Williams, a classmate's mom, recorded video of the performance and posted it on Instagram, where it quickly went viral. 

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The San Francisco 49ers, acknowledging Jaden's scene-stealing performance in his favorite team's jacket, commented on the post, "Ok Jaden!! We see you!"

Academy Award-winning actress Viola Davis helped spread the video even further, reposting it with the caption, "Go Jaden!" 

The young boy's parents told KNTV that Jaden started dancing when he was just 2 years old, and can't help but dance when he hears music playing. He even took a year of dance classes, they said.