Cancer scare leads woman to share faith with other patients

"A happy heart is like good medicine," are words Olga Babich lives by. 

Five years ago Babich was diagnosed with cancer. 

"When you hear that diagnosis you think your life is over," Babich said. 

Worried about her health, Babich turned to her faith. 

"I was looking for not only physical healing, but healing for my soul because I was so upset inside," Babich explained.

To help her get through her cancer, Babich started memorizing scriptures about healing from her bible. 

"It gave me hope, encouraged me and led me through that healing process," she explained. 

She is now bringing spiritual healing to other cancer patients. She takes small boxes and fills them with healing verses.  She calls her effort Treasure Box. 

"It worked for me. It will help others find hope and courage in their fight against cancer,” Babich said. 

She has given away more than 200 boxes in four years. 

"When you are going through very hard time of your life, through sickness and disease, pray that this Treasure Box will bring peace and comfort." 

Babich is proof that big things can come in small packages.