Candy corn: Love it or hate it?

Monday, October 30 isn’t just Devil’s Night, it’s National Candy Corn Day. And it begs the question: Do you love it or hate it? 

Few things are as polarizing as candy corn, and it the debate has probably been going on since it was invented in the 1880’s. Is it nostalgic or nauseating? 

For some, it’s a welcome confection with the perfect color scheme for Halloween parties. Others see it as a nugget of artificial dyes and lies -- sugar pretending to be a vegetable, mocking you. 

So what do you think? Is the taste a magical mix unlike anything else in the universe? Or does it taste like wax, sugar, and sadness? 

An open bag of candy corn can last up to six months. Which makes it either perfect for lazy people and candy dishes, or a freak among food -- an unnatural abomination that must be killed with fire. 

However, some people love it. Enough to require manufacturers to produce 35-million pounds of it each year. That’s 9-billion pieces! Recently, used 10 years of sales data to determine the favorite Halloween candies in all 50 states. 

For you candy corn haters out there, hold onto your husks -- it’s the top candy in six states!

It was the top Halloween treat in Idaho, New Mexico, Michigan, Alabama, South Carolina, and Rhode Island. In addition, it made the top three candies in another six states.