Captured: Brothers' suspected killer arrested

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The crime was as ruthless as it was fast.

"It was just cold-blooded. He walked in and pretty much it was over before it started," said Captain Stephen Greer.

When it was over, two brothers were dead inside their family's business.

"They didn't have a chance to react," said Capt. Greer.

Like many in Palmetto, Greer questioned Devin Chandler's actions.

Monday afternoon, Palmetto Police said, he entered Snappy's Quick Mart off 17th Street.  Police said Chandler took a few items and then shot and killed 23-year-old Khasem Yousef and his 17-year-old brother Faares Yousef.

"We are still under the assumption that it was a robbery, but he never even gave the chance to be robbed," said Captain Greer.

Chandler was on probation for attempted armed robbery.  In 2009, records show, he attempted to rob a Bradenton convenience store.

In that case, police said, he stuck a gun to the owner's head, but another employee helped fight Chandler off.

Chandler was arrested Tuesday afternoon, captured in Tampa by the U.S. Marshals.

"The guy has a history. We already know that. He has done some time for attempted robbery. We don't know why or what's caused it to escalate it to this level. You never know," said Captain Greer.

Outside the store, a candle flickered and flowers were placed outside.  A 'closed' sign greeted customers as a family buried their two sons.

"I remember them working at the cash register as little boys," said Shionte Branic.

Branic said she found Khasem and Faares after the shooting.

"I got down on the ground and told him, 'Help is on the way, just hold on,'" she recalled.

While a sense of relief is felt since Chandler's arrest, Branic and others continue questioning why this happened to the two brothers.

"They were nice friendly people," she added.  "They didn't deserve that. These were children. These were somebody's children."