Captured on video: Hypnotizing 'tornado' of fish swirls off Japanese island

A scuba diver captured a mesmerizing vortex of fish that had formed off Aguni Island in Japan’s Okinawa prefecture.

Footage captured by Makoto Shigehara shows a swirling school of bigeye trevallies. In an Instagram post, Shigehara said the "tornado" of fish that he saw was a "masterpiece."

According to Fishing World, the bigeye trevally are found throughout large portions of tropical Indo-Pacific waters. 

They are described as having relatively large eyes – as their name suggests, but they also have "a rounder, more dorsally compressed body plan compared to most other trevallies, as well as distinctive white tips to the dorsal and anal fins."

The phenomenon has been captured over the years. Photographer and marine scientist Octavio Aburto captured the bigeye trevally as well, where they swim quickly together and around each other. Thus, creating the swirling column, or "tornado" effect. According to Wonderopolis, Aburto has witnessed fish tornadoes several times but it took three years before he was able to capture it on video.

"Marine biologists who have seen the photographs and videos point out that such behavior is common," Wonderopolis reported. "It doesn’t always rise to the level of a fish tornado, however. What Aburto captured is special."