Car crashes into home where man was recovering from heart surgery

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A Wisconsin homeowner is uninjured after a loud wake-up call.

He returned home Wednesday night after having heart surgery, according to FOX6, and woke up to find a car crashed into his residence. 

On Thursday morning, Wauwatosa fire officials arrived and spotted the vehicle partially inside the home near West Wells Street and North 60th Street. 

A neighbor told FOX6 he wasn’t surprised the crash occurred.

"There's a lot of speeding, rolling through stop signs. I think it is pretty rampant on this residential street," said Jess Koerner, a neighbor.

A construction worker at the scene said the car stopped just before hitting a staircase near the front door, reported FOX6. The estimated cost of damage is between $50,000 to $100,000. 

The car left a trail of its debris from the road to the home before crashing through the front door. Fire officials said the driver, who was uninjured, reported a mechanical issue may have caused the accelerator to stick causing him to lose control. 

The homeowner plans to stay with relatives until the repairs are complete.