Car slams into Applebee's in Pinellas Park

Some customers got a little more than ordered at the Applebee’s in Pinellas Park Thursday. A car slammed into the patio right in the middle of the afternoon.

"My sister and me wanted to have a late lunch, about 5 minutes later we heard a car accelerating and something flew on my head and I was pinned up against the wall," Ilona Foran told FOX 13.

The car was parked in the handicapped spot and Pinellas Park P.D. say the driver, Alvonia Morris, tried to put the silver Dodge Avenger in park and that’s when the car kept going -- plowing into the restaurant.

"The woman was coming to get a job application and it just went wrong," Sgt. Mike Lynch with Pinellas Park Police told FOX 13.

Three people were hurt. Among them, one woman suffered a broken ankle but everyone is expected to recover.

"I was on the other side of this window taking an order and I heard this crash and I saw two to three people being pushed up against the wall and the driver of the car drove through the railing," Applebee’s employee Kristen Kabala explained.

Police say Morris was not impaired when the crash happened but was cited for careless driving.