Carjacking suspect leads police on chase, injures 2 in crash in New Port Richey

A carjacking suspect is in custody after leading deputies on chase that ended when the suspect crashed into several cars. 

Dean Overbeck said his daughter was driving down the road when the carjacking suspect crashed into the back her car.

Deputies say the suspect hit at least 3 different cars before crashing the stolen Mercedes near the intersection of Thys Road and Trouble Creek Road in New Port Richey.

Multiple calls came into 911 at around 3:40 Sunday afternoon. Callers reported seeing the suspect carjack the driver of the Mercedes by shooting a flare gun inside the car.

Deputies began pursuing the suspect after about 10 minutes. He then crashed.

The victim's father says he's thankful no one was seriously hurt.

"That was pretty scary, it was devastating when I got the text from my wife and a phone call. She was crying. I didn't realize how bad it was," Overbeck said. "Then when I got here she was on the sidewalk she wasn't feeling really well. Her fiancé came and got her and took her to the hospital."

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The suspect smashed into Overbeck's daughter's black Nissan. The driver was taken to the hospital. Her injuries are still unclear.

Her father says she appears to be OK and says she was conscious when he first got to the scene.

Deputies say the suspect did try to run after he crashed, but deputies quickly caught up with him.

At this time, deputies are not releasing his name, but say he will likely face a slew of charges.