Caught on camera: Driver pushes vehicle out of parking space

Parking wars caught on camera.

Finding a place to park in Philadelphia is tough, but not for one man. In order to park, he moved a van out of his way. And, now, the van is reportedly damaged and won’t start.

A home surveillance camera catches two guys in a work van, pulling up in front of a house on West Porter Street in South Philadelphia and, literally using their vehicle to push a mini-van out of the parking spot they apparently wanted.

"Anybody see that probably have the same reaction I’m having. It’s crazy, real crazy," Eugene Jordan remarked.

"For you to want a parking spot that bad, pushing somebody else out of the way – that’s ridiculous," Crystal Ebinger commented.

And, while parking is at a premium in the neighborhood, it’s even more ludicrous when they could have just pulled in the open spot in front of the mini-van.

"Wild west. I don’t know, I couldn’t believe it," Alma Corona said.

Family friend Corona translating for the owner of the car.

"I never seen anything like it. I never knew people could do that," stated owner Estela Milian, through interpreter Corona.

Milian says she never would have known what happened if they hadn’t checked a neighbor’s surveillance camera. Their van has rear damage.

"No, and they need it for work and they don’t have money to fix it. They have kids," Corona added.

The family believes it was contractors working on a house a few doors down who wanted the spot right in front. Police are investigating, but that doesn’t help the victims.

"She’s saying ‘I don’t know what to do,’" Corona spoke for the owner.

Neighbors feel for the family.

"For them to literally do that to that person’s car is unreal and who’s gonna be responsible for that?" asked Jordan asked.



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