Children vandalize park figurines as parents watch

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Figurines that were installed this year at Tampa's Waterworks Park were vandalized by children, according to the owner of the Ulele Restaurant.

The Ulele Restaurant posted on its Facebook page  that one of the fiberglass renditions of one of the Three Little Pigs was knocked over by children, and that an adult was standing by, observing them.

"The fables are the lessons," said artist Jason Hulfish, who was hired by Ulele owner Richard Gonzmart to restore the figurines. "There's always a troublemaker," 

Gonzmart backed the project after dozens of figurines decayed since Fairyland at Lowry Park closed decades ago.

"We will do the job, I will get it done," said Hulfish. "Fret not, the pigs will stand again."

The pig stands alongside a rendition of the home from the famed fable, and the two remaining pigs were not damaged.

The fiberglass figurines can weigh over 100 lbs.

Others on display at the park include Jack and the Beanstalk, Humpty Dumpty and the Three Blind Mice.

Ulele said on its Facebook page that, "Adults should teach children respect," so the "important pieces from Tampa's past," can live, "happily ever after."

They say the incident is captured on surveillance video.