Church group prays for essential workers, patients every week outside Plant City hospital

Cars are driving up to park at South Florida Baptist Hospital not to go inside, but to pray outside. Every Wednesday, you can find parishioners from the St. Clement Catholic Church praying in the Plant City parking lot.

"We are praying for all the healthcare workers, the doctors, the patients, for the families who can't come and visit their patients," said Mary-Ann Fontaine, a prayer warrior at St. Clement Catholic Church. 

The movement was started by Joey Findlay last March as a way to help out. 

"We felt frustrated that we couldn't do anything," Findlay explained. "We couldn't help anybody. Couldn't go to anybody's houses, but we could pray." 

So, pray they do. They haven't missed a day since they started about a year ago. 

"We believe it works," Findlay shared. "We believe very strongly in the power of prayer." 

Karen Kerr, president of South Florida Baptist Hospital believes the intercessions are having a big impact. "They have been out here every single week providing support and prayers to our staff, to our patients and we really can't thank them enough for being here for us," she said. 

Findlay, says there is something special about the power of prayer. 

"Once people know that they are being prayed for it strength's them to be able to get through this," Findlay explained. 

The group says all denominations are welcome.  

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